10 Kaftan Tops to Make You Look Sexier This Summer

Kaftan tops have almost always been in fashion, more like a classic that never really fades. Time and again, we’ve seen kaftans going and coming out of fashion, with an added touch of the newness of course.

A Kaftan dress or a Kaftan top, they sure are a piece of clothing that can be worn according to various occasions. Not to forget, beach wear for many, means a bikini clad with Beach Kaftans of sorts.

So here’s the list of top 10 Kaftans that can be your savior for times you seem to be running out of options!

1. Pink and Black!

The deadly combination that it is, this Kaftan top is just the ideal one for that hot summer day at work. You could as well wear it to a day out with friends on that weekend of yours. With basic embroidery and not too much jazz, this pink and black Kaftan is sure a thumbs up!

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2. The classic white!

These pom pom balls are like the new thing in fashion. From earrings to tops, they’ve been just the perfect add-on for all of them, especially when it’s a plain top (Kaftan) that we are talking about. This one can be the right choice for casual outings or those random plans.

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3. The Chic Kaftan Top

A pink Georgette Kaftan top with a black border throughout is a deadly combination for sure. You wouldn’t ask for anything more, isn’t it? Club the Kaftan top with a nice pair of earrings and a long neckpiece, and you’ll be all good to go!

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4. The evergreen Black and White!

Yet another of the deadly combinations that this, you could sure pair this Kaftan top with almost anything; could as well be shorts or maybe palazzos. Black lower would be an ideal choice, and some good bangles or bracelets would add to the look and feel of the entire dress.

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5. The girl next door Kaftan dress!

This could be worn on a lazy day out when nothing but comfort is your prime aim. Pair it up with a black or brown colored denim, and you’ll be set for the day. Some really cool accessories would be of great help in adding up a little to the entire look and feel of the dress.

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6. The overall Ombrae!

Perfect for the summers, this is pleasing to the eye and equally comfortable. The tassels add to the overall look and feel of the Kaftan dress. The wearer has the liberty to pair it up with a pair of leggings or as well put it on as a dress. A cool watch and a nice neckpiece would work wonders if worn as a Kaftan dress.

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7. The party Kaftan top!

This chic black Kaftan top is a perfect party wear for the mere presence of the golden pattern over the bodice, and for the sheer fabric that it is. Some cool golden earrings with nice bangles would make you stand out of the crowd. If you’re not a fan of too much shimmer or dresses, this could be the perfect alternative for your night parties or those night outs and long drives!!

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8. The printed Kaftan top!

For a regular college day or a normal day at work, you could put this on with black jeans and be good to go. Not too dressy, and neither too plain! You’ll be all set for the day!

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9. The perfect beach kaftan!

To let the breeze in, and feel the beach vibes, a Kaftan top would be just about the suited and comfortable thing to choose from. Pair it up with a skirt of shorts, and sneaks; you’ll be all set to face the heat and enjoy the day out!

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10. A sophisticated Kaftan Top!

An off whitish creamish top with a touch of gray and blue, this Kaftan top is as chic as it is sassy.  This could again be an ideal choice for a girls day out or a reunion or as well a day at the office. This is pretty much a wear anywhere of sort of Kaftan, and you’ve got the choice.

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So now you know where to go to, and which one to choose from for the next time you’re running late for a party and don’t seem to be able to zero down on one single dress or top. From what you’ve read, Kaftans are pretty much the kind which can be worn anywhere anytime on any occasion! So make a choice, and you’ll be good to go!

Kaftan tops are pretty much a one in all sort of clothing, which can cater to multiple occasions, all at once. You can choose one or more from these for the night party you have to go to, or the walk along the beach on the weekend to come!

Thank us later! Until then, keep it stylish!!

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