Top 5 Valentine’s Day gifts

Love is a feeling which can never be explained and put on words. But you can always make the person feel how much you love them by making them feel special with gifts. Valentine’s Day is soon to come and many crash their heads in planning out what to gift to their valentine. Many actually don’t know what they need to gift and select during a valentines. Unlike birthdays and other special occasions where you can gift randomly, Valentine’s Day is not so. You got to be very careful and make some special arrangement with extra effort. Following are the top five Valentine’s Day gift ideas which you can easily adopt and make your love go gaga about you!

1. Flowers

Valentines Roses

Flowers have always been a perfect gift for gifting and presenting it to someone who is very special to you. Be it your girl friend or your boy friend. Flowers really make an impression. You can select roses which red in colour when you are gifting it for the first time so that you can let the person know that you are in love with them. Red roses mark a sign of love and it clearly indicates that it is love all around. You either make a boquet with few flowers or can just present a single lovely red rose. Your love will be all impressed with you.

2. Edited cards


You can gift those Valentine’s Day cards. These days there are more of editing done to the cards on our own requirement. You can edit the greeting card accordingly and convey the message of love to your loved one. it will melt her or his heart. Write a message in it. Handwritten words are more powerful than the already printed ones. Therefore you can try on it.

3. Photo frames


You can make a beautiful picture of you both and put it in a frame. This will make a wonderful gift. This present will be most special as it will stay with the person ever.

4. Chocolates


You can pack a box full of chocolates and tie it with a red ribbon with some message on a sticker. This will floor your love very soon. Chocolates are always preferred by many.

5. Paintings


If you are good at painting, try your hand if you wish to propose your love without literally expressing it. Paintings will impress your love very much.

So which valentine gift you would like to present to your loved ones.